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Emma   Throughout my pregnancy, the care was great but my midwife was nothing short of amazing when it came to labour and delivery. I can’t believe how smoothly it all went and I have her to thank. So grateful to have had her care and highly recommend her!

Clarissa   Had my son July 2014 and I wish I could go back to this day. It was just amazing and I have, in part, Cambridge midwives to thank for that. I had such a positive experience with my home birth, primary midwife was Ana Maria and she was truly a gentle and caring midwife anyone could ask for. I will for sure seek out care from these ladies again and would highly recommend to anyone wanting midwifery care! *big hugs!

Kristine My husband and I got to experience an amazing home birth thanks to Wendy Pearle. We had an excellent experience with our midwives Wendy and Pam and would recommend them to anyone.

Sarah As soon as we discovered we were pregnant with our first, we knew we wanted a midwife. I was not disappointed – the level of care and information provided allowed us to have an empowered home birth. Melissa and her team were amazing! Thank you!

Stephanie I just had my son with Cambridge Midwives. Planned for home birth but ended up having a hospital birth. My Primary Midwife was Melissa and I am so happy with my experience with her as well as all the staff 🙂 I highly recommend Cambridge Midwives for anyone thinking about midwifery care while pregnant. So much care goes into each appointment, and you leave your appointment always feeling re assured. Thank you for everything 🙂


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