Client Handouts

                            Pager Number   1-866-251-9549


Prenatal, Breast Feeding and Postnatal Classes in our community

Tummies to Toes

 Oh Baby Fitness

 Conestoga College  

Balancing Birth To Baby

Belly Buttons

Region Of Waterloo Prenatal

 Healthy Living

Natures Vibe

Counselling Services

Family Counselling Centre of Cambridge & North Dumfries

Life after miscarriage and pregnancy loss

Perinatal Loss Network

Mental Health Crisis

Wellness Team On Queen

Initial Visit Information

Do You Know What Medicines Are Safe To Consume During Pregnancy

Healthy eating

How to Survive Morning Sickness Successfully

Choice of Birthplace

Pregnancy Is Not Always What You Expect

Information Booklet for Cambridge Midwives

Informed Choice Cambridge Midwives

Midwifery Students

Ontario Families Born

Prenatal Screening

Should I Save My Baby’s Cord Blood

Client Handouts

Anemia in Pregnancy

Back Pain

Cervical Screening


Eye Ointment For Newborn

Group B Streptococcus Information

Glucose Testing in Pregnancy

Heartburn In Pregnancy

Homeopathic Preparation for Deliveries


Low Platelet Count

Resources for Mental Health

IPS Instructions for Clients

Prenatal Perineal Massage

Ultrasound In Pregnancy

Urinary Tract Infections


Vaginal Birth after Caesarian  Info A.O.M

Vaginal Birth After Caesarian Info Sheet

Vaginal Birth After Caesarian Info S.O.G.C.

What is Hemoglobin

What To Do If Your Baby Is Breech

Breech Babies

Yeast Infections

Thrush Yeast Infection


ETQ Info Sheet


Speedy Deliveries


CMH Pre Registration Booklet

Cambridge Memorial Hospital Pre-Registration

You and Your Baby

37 Week Home Visit Package

List of supplies needed for hospital and homebirth




When To Call Your Midwife

Car seat safety Rear facing seats

Breast Pump sales and rentals

1st week Diaper Diary

Diaper Photo Breastfed 

Use of Cool Cabbage Compresses

Breastfeeding Your Baby

Cambridge Breastfeeding Resources

Telehealth  Ontario 24/7 Breastfeeding Supports

Formula Feeding

Vitamin D

Your Newborn Quirks and Why You Needn’t Worry

Baby 2nd Night

Life With A New Baby Is Not Always What You Expect

Visitng Mom Baby Cambridge Memorial Hospital

24 Hour Baby Behaviour

Tips for new parents

Safe Sleep for Your Baby

Discharge Information

Choosing a Contraceptive

A Parents Guide to Immunization

Developmental Screen page 1

Developmental Screen page 2

Electronic version of developmental screen

Teddy Bears Picnic

24 Hour Cribside Assistance A Manual for New Dads


Pregnancy ,Birth and Postpartum Care

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