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Cambridge Midwives provides primary care for low risk pregnancies. Throughout pregnancy, labour ,birth and the first 6 weeks after birth.  Midwifery care is founded on respect for normal pregnancy and birth as a healthy process and profound event in a women’s life.

We opened our doors in  January of 2000. Prior to this time Cambridge women who desired midwifery care were required to travel to Kitchener or Guelph.  Since opening Cambridge Midwives has helped over 7010 families . Both at home and in the hospital.   We have an excellent rapport with Cambridge Memorial Hospital, ensuring our clients experience at the hospital is seamless.  In addition to standard midwifery care, we specialize in providing a variety of drug free options for improving the progress of labour and the comfort of our clients.

Our catchment area encompasses a radius of approximately a half hour drive from the city of Cambridge. Pre and Postpartum visits at home are provided within the entire catchment area. The following is intended to provide you with information on our practice and the services we provide.

Model of Care

The Midwifery Model of care is a practice group of at least 2-4 midwives.  Two Midwives attend each birth.  This model of two midwives at births is unique in Ontario.  It is based on the principle of one midwife to care for the mother (The Primary Midwife) and one for the baby (The Second Midwife).

Accessing the Services of a Midwife

Women who are considered “low risk” are able to use the services of a midwife. Your midwife will determine whether or not you are a candidate for midwifery care, and, if necessary, refer you to an OB/GYN.  Cambridge Midwives have been able to accept women who are under 18 years of age, over 35,  or wishing to have a vaginal birth after cesarean, as well as  repeat caesarean’s.   Pain relief options are available , whether you are having baby at home or at Cambridge Memorial Hospital. Cambridge Midwives only have admitting privileges in Cambridge .

Midwifery care in Ontario is in high demand but remains quite accessible. We recommend that you complete the  intake-form , call us,  519 -624-9708 ,  email cmidwives@bellnet.ca or  stop by our office(22 George St. N) as soon as you are aware you are pregnant. Some months are busier than others, and it is quite possible that a spot might be available to someone who wishes to access midwifery care later in their pregnancy.  Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to have a midwife.

Midwifery Students

We are a teaching practice incorporating a midwifery student from the Midwifery Education Program during periods of three months. The student is involved in all aspects of midwifery care – prenatal, intrapartum and postpartum. We enjoy very much the presence of a student with fresh points of view, enthusiasm, energy, eagerness to learn and dedication to contributing to our client’s experiences.
We hope that you will consider yourselves very vital in the teaching of a student. Your willingness to open your care and experiences creates opportunities for the future as we train the next midwives to serve Ontario women. You are contributing in a very real way to the possibility of other women having the chance to experience midwifery care for their pregnancies as well.

Client Records

We keep all your original records in a secure manner for 28 years following your baby’s birth as required by law. These are available to you at any time.  You will be given a copy of your records at your discharge visit.  These records are confidential and are seen only by your Midwives and students involved in your care.  We are required to maintain statistics of our practice.  They are collected for research purposes but do not reveal your identity.  In the hospital, standard record forms are kept in the medical records department.

Privacy Policy

We have a strong commitment to privacy.  All records will be kept confidential.

Prenatal Visits

Visits should begin as early as possible in pregnancy. We will see you on a regular basis, every 4 weeks until 28 weeks, then every 2 weeks until 36 weeks, then weekly until labor begins. We also plan one home visit late in your pregnancy. During your visits, besides the physical monitoring of your pregnancy, we will have plenty of time for discussions about emotional adjustments, education on many issues, and getting to know and trust each other.
Your partner, children, friends and family members are welcome at any time you wish to include them in your care. Between visits, we are on call to you 24 hours a day for emergencies. Any medical care you require beyond the scope of our practice will be provided by your family physician. We normally send a letter to her/him when you come into midwifery care and follow-up with another after your discharge visit, usually six weeks following the birth. Ontario Midwives

Labor and Birth

Midwifery care includes monitoring the clinical progress of labor, supporting the well being of both mother and baby in the birth and the third stage, screening for problems and addressing them, discussing your options and taking emergency action if necessary. Post delivering it involves suturing the perineum if necessary and performing the newborn exam. Our role is to provide care in normal circumstances, to recognize developments outside the norm and to take appropriate measures. In emergencies, which are rare, we depend on the basis of trust we have developed over time to allow us to work quickly, where the lengthy informed choice discussions might be impossible and inappropriate.

Breast Feeding

Positioning and Latching, the first revised Protocol with convenient key messages, easy-to-read principles, illustrated positions, latching tips, and key resources.

Birth Setting

Cambridge Midwives attend births in home and hospital and have admitting privileges at Cambridge Memorial Hospital.

At Home:  It is well recognized that for healthy women with low risk pregnancies home can be a safe place for birth. Cambridge Midwives will bring equipment to your home to respond to unexpected emergencies. This includes oxygen for mother and baby, resuscitation equipment for the newborn, intravenous supplies and medications for the treatment of hemorrhage. The fetal heart rate is monitored frequently in active labor with a portable hand-held doptone. In the event a home birth has been planned, and complications arise, transport to a hospital takes place in a straightforward manner. The midwife will stay at your home for 3-4 hours postpartum to ensure mother and baby are stable, and will return later that day to check on you both.

At the Hospital:  If you choose to have a hospital birth, we can attend and monitor you and monitor you at your home and move to the hospital when labor is well established. All birthing rooms at Cambridge Memorial Hospital have showers and 2 of the rooms also include a Jacuzzi, tubs for laboring in (not for delivery). Women who deliver in hospital can choose to return home after 3 hours postpartum, or to stay in hospital for up to 60 hours (2 ½ days).
Click here for the Cambridge Memorial Hospital web site.

Postpartum Visits

We will be with you in the immediate postpartum time for 3 hours until we are assured that all is well with you and your baby. You will then continue to be visited on the first day before 24 hours, 3rd day, 5th day thereafter, then at 2 weeks and 4 weeks in clinic, and for the six week check-up and well baby exam. We continue to be on call to you 24 hours a day and extra visits are provided as needed.

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